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  • Super start to 2018 in Thailand

    as we've teamed up with Mahidol University on a new graduate-level rail engineering programme

MetroExchange: course #1 on metro operations performance

Mahidol University x Nexus present a short course on: “Metro Operations Performance and Benchmarking” delivered by Dr Aleksandrs Rjabovs and Mr James Parkinson, Nexus, UK.

Date: 13-14th November 2018

Time: 9:00-16:00

Location: Room R114, Faculty of Engineering 1st Building, Mahidol University, Salaya campus, 25/25 Phuttamonton 4 Road, Salaya, Phuttamonthon, Nakhon Pathom, 73170, Thailand


– Introduction to T&W Metro from inception to modern times, including the current operational challenges. (AR)

– Introduction to the group activity. Students will be split in groups and each group will receive a “mock” urban rail system. By the end of the course they will need to come up with performance regimes, associated metrics and performance improvement campaigns based on the short course content. (AR + JP)

– Introduction to T&W Metro current performance regime including timetable design, franchising, performance monitoring, previous performance regimes. (JP)

– Introduction to other performance models in the UK (London Underground, Manchester Metrolink, Network Rail). (AR)

– Driving performance improvements in an organisation. (JP)

– Case studies from Tyne & Wear Metro on improvement of drivers’ safety and on-time performance. (AR + JP)

– Reducing engineering delays through improvements in contractors’ performance including considerations on closure strategies. (AR)


The event is FREE. Places are limited.

Online registration (by 31 October 2018):


The full programme of the event is available here.

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